Deepcool Gamerstorm Lucifer K2 CPU Air Cooler Slim PWM Fan Copper Base Intel 130W LGA20XX/1366/115X/775 AMD 125W AM4 AM3+ AM3 AM2+ AM2 FM2+ FM2 FM1

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Description Lucifer K2 is a new generation of Lucifer V2, it has preserved some key features from Lucifer V2 of great heat dissipation performance: fan-less design, 6 high-performance heat-pipes. However, Lucifer K2 is slightly different in some detail aspects compared with Lucifer V2, featuring Polished Pure Copper Base and Bundled Silent 20mm Slim Fan. Also breakthrough has been created for its special designed perfect compatibility of Memory installation. Perfect Fan-less Cooling Design More than 1,000,000mm² devour heatsink, even the fan-less equipment is capable of cooling CPU up to 130W with the help of good airflow channel inside the case. Perfect Compatibility with Memory Slot Deflected heatpipe design offers a perfect compatibility of Memory installation, all Memory slots can be used freely. 6 Copper Heatpipes 6 copper heat-pipes are firmly stacked into the aluminium fins to conduct the heat quickly. Polished Pure Copper Base The copper base with a convex shape to touch CPU closely, the gap-less touch accelerates the heat transfer from CPU to the cooler efficiently. Bundled Silent 20mm Slim Fan with Red impeller & black frame One 120mmx120mmx20mm slim PWM fan built for a better silent level with good cooling performance.

Application For
Intel Socket 130W
AMD Socket 125W
AM4 (with ‘AM4 Ready’ Sticker)

Additional information

Weight1.047 kg
Dimensions147 × 132 × 163 cm