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What happens when the classic three-button mouse model is given ROCCAT?s award-winning design treatment? The Lua happens, that?s what. Sleek yet mighty, the Lua boasts a pinpoint-precise 2000dpi Pro-Optic (R2) sensor adjustable in seven incremental steps, housed in an ambidextrous, soft-touch design built around comfort, ease of use, and long-term gaming sessions.

Backed by a 12 month Roccat Warranty

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ROCCAT? Lua Gaming Mouse

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Weight0.245 kg
Dimensions21.5 × 15 × 7 cm

6 reviews for ROCCAT Lua Gaming Mouse

  1. 4 out of 5

    Finn Taylor

    Probably the best gaming mouse for the price.

    on the fly dpi settings
    easy to use downloadable software
    decent weight
    blue light up Roccat logo by the palm of your hand

    maybe a little lightweight for some people
    smaller grip size (if this was just a tad bigger I don’t think it would be a issue)

    Definitely a great option if you’re not looking to break the bank.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hugo Walker

    This most likely will be my shortest review ever! I’ve had no problems with this mouse for gaming and everyday use. It feels great in my hand and the DPI button is a nice touch. Very customization DPI and smooth performance. The simple LUA code allows the mouse to work instantly on every one of my computers. I’ve had this mouse for over a year now and it hasn’t worn down at all. The clicking buttons feel as a responsive as ever. Fantastic mouse ; best I’ve ever had.

  3. 5 out of 5

    George Campbell

    I own a couple of logitech mouses and don’t get me wrong, they’re great ! I decided to buy an extra mouse for me laptop so I chose this one even though I’d never heard of this brand before.

    I must say I’m really impressed by the quality and precision of it. I highly recommend this to anyone, even those who use mice for little photoshop details.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Daniel Kelly

    I was worried it wouldn’t perform well given the price, but it has been AMAZING! I don’t know how I put up with my old mouse for so long. If you’re looking for a basic gaming mouse — one that helps you move an aim smoothly, not necessarily one bristling with buttons — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one.

    [Update] I used this mouse for 18 months of hard, hard gaming and eventually wore the teflon pads down to where they didn’t work well anymore. It looked like it had been through a war, and performed beautifully to the last. I promptly bought another one, and a backup. I am a gamer and this is my mouse.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Patrick Nguyen

    This is a wonderful little mouse for the price. It is quite durable too. I know, because I am an angry, raging gamer prone to throwing my equipment. This guy stood up to the abuse, and only finally did I actually break the switches (although button clicks still register, just the tactile feedback went away). Which is the other nice thing about it – It’s dirt cheap to pick up a fresh one, which is what I just bought. I’m expecting the same level of performance. Highly recommended, especially if you have anger management issues.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Ryan Johnson

    This the third Roccat mouse I own. I also have a Kone Pure Optical, and a refurbished Kova. I bought the Lua for my work PC because I wanted something that was precise and well made, but without the frills, and the Lua is just that. I’m happy to say that the Lua is closer to the newer generation Roccat mice (i.e., the Kone) than the older ones (the Kova), because the Kova is kinda s***ty.

    The mouse tracks fine (I think it defaults to 800dpi), and doesn’t appear to have built-in acceleration, positive or negative, which is good. It doesn’t track quite as precisely as the Kone Pure Optical, but it’s barely noticeable – only when you’re literally trying to click pixels.

    The switches for the 3 mouse buttons appear to be very similar to the ones on the Kone, and feel very high quality, but the scroll-wheel seems to be 2nd grade – it works perfectly fine, but it’s a little noisier. The buttons and scroll wheel both feel better than the Kova, which just seems poorly manufactured in comparison.

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