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Sluggish Computer? Buy SSD Australia for Speed, Value and Power

Solid-state drives are getting faster, smaller and more affordable. They are economical on power and outlive HDDs in durability. They run noiselessly and help you do more in work, study and gaming. When you need to step up your computing performance, we have many models of SSD in Australia for you. Start your search here.


External SSD

Our external SSDs work incredibly fast and are super quiet. They are convenient for students or those that work in environments that demand silent operations. We make it worth your while by sourcing SSDs that are specifically designed to enhance multitasking, gaming and storage versatility.

You can use our external SSD to speed up the copying of files. You will similarly have the flexibility of taking your games with you on the go.


Our external SSDs are more resilient to all forms of abuse. Drop the SSD on the floor, and it will still work. Do as such to an HDD, and most if not all of your data is lost and the drive unsalvageable.




If you have a computer that is compatible with M.2 drives, we have the right SSDs to upgrade your experience. M2 SSDs are much smaller and are the size of a USB stick. With such slim designs of SSDs, you will no longer have to put up with bulkier and slower HDDs. Some SSDs often maintain the same size as the HDD they replace because they are mounted on the same slot, but M2 SSDs work differently. They have exclusive motherboard slots that take up less room.

We have models from brands such as Intel and Samsung, to Crucial and Corsair.


These devices have been tested to be of reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Plus, they plug straight into your motherboard, removing the need for cables. The data transfer interface works more seamlessly. The speed upgrades you get can be as high as 15 times more than your fastest HDD.


SSD SATA-III Australia

SATA 3 SSDs have a throughput of 6Gbps max. No HDDs can currently get anywhere near this speed. And if you can’t get the M2 models for price or compatibility issues, you can buy SSD SATA-III in Australia that delivers great speed and durability.


Our SATA SSD will work regardless of your interface or motherboards. They are designed to be readily compatible with the components in your computer. These SSDs maintain a reliable performance despite fragmentation. No more having to load into a match minutes after it has started.



Buy by Memory Type

We have SSDs with Single-Level Cell (SLC) flash memory. These drives are super-fast and have long-lasting durability. You can buy SLC SSD with us at an affordable price.


Our Multi-Layer Cell (MLC) SSDs can store more data and are typically less costly than SLC. We also have special MLC drives that have some SLC cache to meet your speed demands. Buy yours now before stock runs out.


TLC is the current big thing in NAND storage, and we are sitting steady on top of this trend. These SSDs are data-dense, and they are spacious and more affordable. Again, we have TLC SSDs with SLC cache tech to blaze up your processes.


Select by Brand

We have more than 100 SSDs from many major computer component manufactures including Intel, Kingston, SanDisk, Seagate, Samsung and WD, among others. These drives are guaranteed to breathe new life to any sluggish computer and make gaming an experience to look forward to. Faster load times for your OS and files will significantly improve your gaming performance or productivity at work.


But these drives are not just for speeding up your processes. When you add a solid-state drive to your computer, you get to use a tenth of the power that you would use with an HDD. That means then that utilizing an SSD automatically solves your battery life problems. That combined with speed and extra storage space makes these devices a game-changer.



Shop by Price

With our extensive collection of SSD in Australia, we can accommodate all budgets. Start browsing the products based on price. We have affordable SSDs from as low as $50. And if you need to spend a little more for better performance, we have high-end products that will be worth your every dime.


Shop by Storage Capacity

If your budget is super tight, even a 250 GB Class SSD can still perform several times faster than an HDD. We have this option. The 500 GB Class drives, on the other hand, come highly recommendable. They are affordable but don’t sacrifice on performance or storage.


If your budget allows, buy the 1TB Class to experience what the SSD buzz is about. You can fit an OS here, along with other applications. And that’s when your computing experience gets transformed forever-you will never go back to an HDD.


If you have massive media files or a game library, a 2TB Class can be highly convenient. You can check out some of the models we have in our inventory. And when you need to splurge on a 4TB Class for your work or gaming needs, you can bank on us to deliver.


Warranted Products, Faster Delivery Times

What sets us apart from other IT e-stores is the ability to provide products with long-lasting warranties. You can be confident then that your SSD will work as expected or that you will get repair/replacement if you face issues with it. Along with that, we have a fast turnaround time. The processing time for us is less than 14 days from the time you make your order.


Free Buying Guide

We want to make sure that when you buy SSD in Australia, every cent of your dollar goes towards an excellent product. All our SSDs are sourced from reputable manufacturers with years of experience in the industry. Even so, every customer has specific needs, from storage capacity to motherboard specifics. There are also different types of SSD form factors as earlier seen and all of that can be confusing to a new buyer. Our 24/7 customer support is on standby to answer all your questions.


SSDs are what every modern computer user needs. We have endless SSD selections, products with warranties and fast delivery times. Find your best pick here.

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