Redragon Dagger M715 Gaming Mouse


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  • Adjustable DPI – 500/1000/2000/3000/5000

  • 20g actuation force

  • OMRON gaming switch

  • 8 programmable buttons

  • 7 Color breath light

  • Grip-enhanced scroll wheel

  • 2 ergonomic thumb buttons

  • Gold-plated USB connection

  • 16.8 Million RGB Color?back-lighting

  • Braided cable

  • 5 memory modes


Redragon Dagger M715 Gaming Mouse

Redragon Dagger M715 Gaming Mouse refers to a full customized wired gaming mouse with superfine design. The lucrative & smooth working mouse-based mouse is designed to consider the demand for eSports gaming pros. The smooth ergonomic design makes it awesome that users will be able to work more effectively. It’s the best combination of perfect weight balanced aluminum base and a high precision sensor that makes it smoother and precise movement. The long-lasting, perfect balancing, innovative design, the affordable price will improve your gaming experience.
Silent features of Redragon Dagger M715 Gaming Mouse
Having the facility of advanced tracking & high-speed motion detection makes an ideal choice for FPS gaming experience.

  • 5000 DPI optical gaming sensor
  • Profile switching facility and the fly DPI that enables you to focus on your game.
  • Highly tested for the marathon gaming sessions, including PUBG, Overwatch, league of legends, etc.
  • 3MM strong high speed braided fiber cable & corrosion free USB connector for a strong connection.

Additional information

Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions20 × 5 × 15 cm

3 reviews for Redragon Dagger M715 Gaming Mouse

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Redragon Dagger is a shockingly premium mouse for the price. The aluminum base and scroll wheel help give it more heft than the all plastic mice you typically see in this price range. The aluminum scroll wheel has a nice grippy texture, and is a bit quieter than the obnoxious grinding you hear from the plastic scroll wheels on most mice. The top of the mouse has a soft rubberized coating, while the sides have a rougher, ridged texture for grip. Fingerprints do become visible on the rubberized surface after a while but that’s a common issue with all rubberized mice.

    There is no shortage of programmable buttons and they all feel crisp and responsive. In addition to the standard left, right and wheel, you get two buttons that cycle through the DPI presets (500 1000 2000 3000 5000) and lighting effects. The software lets you manually adjust the DPI from 100 up to 10000, but honestly anything above 3000 is going to be too fast unless you have multiple monitors. On the left side you have two buttons right above where your thumb that are texured in a way that makes it easy to tell which one you’re pressing without looking. There is also a “fire” button further towards the front of the mouse. The “fire” button is a bit too far forward to comfortably press while using a palm grip, but people who use claw grip won’t have any issues. The software allows you to customize or disable any of the buttons. There is also a recessed button on the bottom of the mouse that lets you cycle through the five user profiles without opening the software.

    I haven’t had any issues with tracking or movement in games. Even sudden, fast movements don’t seem to be an issue. The software allows you to choose between four preset polling rates (125hz 250hz 500hz 1000hz). I did notice that the software reverts the polling rate back to the default setting after a computer restart, so you’ll want to make sure the polling rate is set where you want it after a restart. None of the other settings were ever affected.

    The RGB lighting is vibrant and I’m not seeing any chromatic aberration. The stock photos on Amazon kind of do it a disservice. In person, it looks like a Tron light cycle. If you change the DPI, the scroll wheel will blink a few times with whatever color corresponds to that preset before returning to to the color it was set on. This is a welcome feature since a lot of other RGB mice force you to use the color that matches your DPI setting. You get several lighting effects to choose from:

    Breathing (slowly fades a single color on and off)
    Rainbow (gradually transitions through a spectrum of colors)
    Full Lighted (a solid, single color)
    Wave (a moving spectrum of colors from front to back)
    Go Without Trace (similar to wave but only cycles one color at a time)
    Reactive (Only lights up when you touch the mouse)
    Flashing (blinks a single color on and off)
    Off (turns off all lighting)

  2. 5 out of 5


    First, let me say that this mouse is simply amazing and has ridiculous value for the price!

    -The aluminum base provides a perfectly even and balanced weight to the mouse.
    -The RGB is vibrant and is pretty decent. You do get the 16.8 mil colors, but the vibrancy of the mouse I’d say is middle ground between high quality LED’s and cheap ones.
    -The drivers and software are simple to install and use.
    -Every button can be configured (and yes you can add personal macros to any button).
    -The build quality is very good! I have owned this mouse for several months now and have regularly had it bang around in a backpack…. have dropped it onto wood floor after taking it out of said backpack (more times than I’d like to admit)…. have had my three year old son spill water on it…. and it STILL WORKS perfectly fine.

    -The ‘rapid fire’ button next to the left click is oddly positioned. It is just out of reach of the thumb regardless if you are using the palm or claw grip. I simply reassigned the button to change my user profile (you can have 5 separate profiles for different button and DPI configurations).
    -The scroll wheel is a little on the loose and ‘squishy’ side as opposed to a firm and tactile mouse wheel. Some people may prefer this (I know some FPS players love this to quick swap their weapons) but I had to get used to it. You can adjust the scroll sensitivity in the mouse software…. but if not having mouse with a really firm and ‘clicky’ mouse scroll is a deal breaker for you…. well then be warned.

    I did not list anything as ‘bad’ because there really is nothing truly bad about the mouse. Overall this mouse is ultra smooth and very predictable while being very comfortable to use…. which fits my criteria of a great gaming mouse.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I like this mouse. The aluminum base keeps things stable feeling and gives it a bit of momentum when making quick movements. The side buttons are well placed for my hand and it feels sturdy enough to last. My only gripe is a fit/qc issue. The plate your hand rests on can wiggle a bit which definitely makes this feel a bit chintzy compared to my old razer.

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